Branding is a core part of any marketing service. It’s what you’ll get when you set out to find any internet marketing experts. The problem is, most of them are fluff.

A lot of them have no idea what branding is. The word “branding” for many marketing managers and advertisers, look something like an “art show.”

You’re probably wondering what I mean by that…

The true essence of branding in general

What is a brand? A brand is to simply put, “how you appear to people.” It is the persona of the product that you’re trying to sell.

Note that I used the word “people” instead of “customers.” There’s a reason for that. When branding, you’re trying to appeal to “potential customers,” who aren’t yet convinced by your product.

Customers who are already convinced by your product, are not people you need to brand too (as much). They’re already convinced by the established brand.

Any business marketing consulting firm (worth their salt), will understand that you’re brand is your product’s identity (and just not how appears in some hilarious advertisement with a few punchlines).

Even more, they’ll take your product seriously. They understand very well, that for a product’s brand to make an impact, it has to drop the “fluff.”

It has to be bold and honest about what it offers.

It’s even tougher branding online

We live in the age of information overload. There’s the internet, constant advertising all over the place, magazines and newspapers everywhere, you name it…

And so your product needs to have an amazing brand to it, if you want it to stick out.

Again, you’ll get the same issues of branding with internet marketing experts. Most of them understand SEO, have good graphics skills, and that’s good. But that’s all icing on the cake.

You can get SEO help and graphic skills anywhere today.

  • Do they understand what your product is made for?
  • Do they understand what needs it aims to satisfy?
  • Do they understand the meaning of the product’s existence?

(Just a disclaimer. I’m not saying that SEO and graphics aren’t important. They are. But they simply augment the essence that is already there).

So when seeking consulting, what should you be looking for?

Here’s what you want from a branding expert…

You want someone who puts themselves in place of the customer. “If I look at that product, what would motivate me to get it? What needs would I have (as a customer) that is product fulfills?”

A lot of consulting firms will try to get to know your product without knowing the customer. Remember, branding is the product’s identity in the eyes of the customer.

And then they also need to know how to communicate the product. A good litmus test is to see how they communicate themselves to you. I mean hey, their product is “marketing consultation,” isn’t that so? They’ll be trying to sell to you the fact that they can sell your product to anyone (I’m sorry, that was a mouthful).

And it won’t be blunt, “overly professional,” or even “hard-selling.” It’ll be genuine care for you and your needs.

And that’s what you, and anyone else, wants in a product.