The majority of businesses are small businesses, and those who are tend to function locally.
You’re most likely not a Fortune 500 shareholder if you’re reading this…and even if you are, you’re operating branches for your franchise. Branches are highly likely to be visited by locals in the area.
Long story short, local marketing is crucial. It’s your bread and butter my friend, and if you’re not using the internet for that, then you really need to step your game up.

Do it yourself VERSUS Local internet marketing services

If you’ve done internet marketing, or have tried to get a website up and going, then you’re probably familiar with SEO. Search Engine Optimization. It means getting news about your product in front of more eyes. There are a lot of businesses that sell those services today.
And there are reasons for that! Proper SEO requires thorough and exhausting research. The competition is intense too, so you need a specialist who knows what they’re doing.
Now what does this have to do with local marketing? Well my reader, most SEO specialists provide “non-local” SEO services. This means that they’ll optimize for wider viewership in general, instead of specifically wider local viewership.
And there’s nothing wrong with wider viewership in general! Hey, more traffic for you. But what about conversion rates? How many of these people are actually going to click & buy your product? How many of these people are within the vicinity of your branch to buy your stuff? And hey, by branch here, I’m assuming you’re already a big company.
…It’s even worse if you’re a small business locally…

Let me give you an example

Let’s assume you’re selling beachwear in Florida, and your store is at West Palm Beach. Do you want your website and advertising to be optimized for people in Alaska? Heck no!
That would be hilarious if it ever happened…
And even if someone from Alaska viewed your webpage and Ads, are they going to buy your stuff? Do they need beach wear -50 at wintertime? I don’t think so.
So what do you need then? Simply put, you need services for local SEO Florida…not local SEO Alaska!
And you need to get more specific too. Take a step further. You want local SEO West Palm Beach, which is where your store is.

So why is local marketing so important? Isn’t diversifying better?

Sure it is. But always remember, diversification is to manage risk before anything.
And if you’re a local business owner, and you’re reading this, then you definitely know how crucial regular clients are for tough times.
You don’t want to spend to spend you’re marketing budget appealing to the wrong people. You want a base of clients to support you when things get slow.
This is why you need someone who understands local internet marketing. Local SEO will save you a lot of “Why am I failings?”
That’s not something you’ll find with a lot of SEO specialists. A lot of them are not local, and most of what they do, you can learn yourself.
If you do find a local SEO service, be grateful. You’ve found someone who understands your needs.