Search Optimization is to great degree a dynamic field that keeps on developing increasingly and quickly with each passing day. With 2017 going full swing, here are the main 6 Google Search ranking factors to think about:

Content Quality. Backlinks. mobile First. Page Speed. Schema code. Brand Power and Social Signals.


Content Quality

High ranking content alludes to thorough and exhaustive content that covers a wide range of its individual subject. The content must be beneficial to the user. There is no certain dependable guideline with respect to the ideal word count for an article, as it differs with different subject. In any case, we do see that more exhaustive and far reaching content ordinarily accomplishes higher rankings. A study uncovers a relationship between’s content length and best Google search positions. It is perfect to utilize Google semantic search to advance keyword targeting in your articles.



Backlinks stand as one of the most grounded ranking factors of consideration in Google’s search algorithm. The more links you have from numerous high-authority domains, the better your odds are to rank well for top keywords. Online marketers should give careful consideration to their backlink profiles, particularly given latest updates, for example, “Penguin 4.0”, which cleaned and sifted sites with low-quality backlink profiles. Concentrate on value.


Mobile First

Last year,2016 Google declared Mobile–First Indexing. This implies that a website’s compliance with mobile, now, specifically influences its search rankings. Before, website designers assembled desktop versions to start with then, the mobile version comes. Today, with mobile usage outnumbering desktop, sites ought to design mobile versions to deliver a superior user encounter.

 responsive Test


With a mobile first indexing concept from Google, page speed has turned out to be more vital than any time in recent memory. Sites with moderate page speed will have a harder time ranking at top results. Google’s objective with these updates is to give users indexed lists which incorporate sites that offer the best user encounter.

 Page Speed

Schema Code

Schema markup code helps search engines improve comprehension of particular texts, for example, addresses, telephone numbers, recipes, reviews and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Especially for local business, actualizing a site-wide schema code can be exceptionally helpful. For instance, it is critical to ensure you reveal to Google where your business is situated by implementing a right schema code. Ensure your data markup sticks to Google`s rules.


Brand Power and Social Signal.

Branded search provides a solid prompt to Google’s search algorithm. The more traffic a site gets from branded search, the more it will be perceived by the algorithm. Social signs from Facebook, Reddit, Quora, Pinterest and other social sites likewise associate with search rankings. Sites that consolidate brand power and social signals with endeavors over all other SEO channels can accomplish more noteworthy search visibility.

Understanding these 6 profitable parameters could represent the deciding moment in your Online Marketing master plan.