Most of the businesses have started selling online through their own websites. Some have succeeded, while others have failed. Perhaps more surprising is the number of folks who remain on the sidelines. Whether you have tried selling online and failed or have never tried it at all, the information in this series will hit home.

 This article is  to change your thinking about e-commerce and dispel any misconception you may have. The objective is to discuss specific steps and strategies that will help you to provide better service and generate new forms of revenue. Many of these strategies can be applied to dealers looking to move away from retail locations altogether and establish a pure online presence.

The main objective is to focus on dealers who want to maintain their core businesses and use online technology as a strategy to satisfy their customers while increasing sales. Main focus will be on broad overview of the retail sales aspect using e-commerce.

The concept of selling retail products for cash has been thrown around for years. To be clear, there are many great presentations and articles that focus on merchandising your showroom or maximizing your floor space. There are also many great presentations about developing a strong sales force, proper sales training for employees, marketing strategies and social media use. What is missing is information designed around web store strategies.

E-Retail is the online merchandising of products your customer needs combined with the ability to complete the sale transaction through a website or web application for the purpose of generating revenue and improving the sales. If you do not have a website where your customers and/or your salespeople can complete a retail sales transaction online, the first question is, Why not?

  1. Is it the high cost to set up an e-commerce website?
  2. Is it the cost, additional staff, infrastructure and expertise needed to manage on online store?
  3. Is it confusion over current technology that changes rapidly?
  4. Is it fear of competing with online retail giants?
  5. Is it finding the right suppliers with the right pricing so you can make a respectable profit margin?
  6. Is it taking on the risk of purchasing and getting stuck with inventory you can’t move?
  7. Is it a fear that relocating efforts from your core business may take you out of your comfort zone?
  8. Is it the risk that the costs will outweigh any benefit?

These are all legitimate concerns and risks involved in setting up and operating an e-commerce website. To overcome these doubts hire a digital marketing agency .