Penalty Recovery Services

This type of service is slightly unorthodox, but we still offer it. It’s for those reading right now who have tried to perfect their SEO through all means necessary.

Penalty recovery services focus on dealing with webpages that have low rankings relative to the efforts invested in them. This could be for a variety of reasons, but mainly, it is due black hat SEO techniques.

Black Hat SEO and Penalty Recovery.

Any business owner knows the motto “Time is money.” Unfortunately, when taken too far, this leads to reckless choices that compromise your business’ image.

One of those would be use of Black Hat SEO techniques. Search engines may penalize your webpage for abusing keywords, bad links, and bad content to attract traffic. As a result, your webpage may be lowered in ranking, or removed from search engines entirely.

In worst case scenarios, your entire website may be taken off the search engine.

This is now a position you’d want to be in, right?

This is where penalty recovery services come on. Kwik Advertising can analyze your website and webpages to check for abuses that may be compromising your online presence. From there, we’ll help clear your website from shady practices, restoring your ranking.

You Don’t Need Black Hat SEO to Succeed.

Black Hat SEO never gets you genuine traffic. It’s all about abusing technical, such as keyword positioning, low quality backlinks, and fake traffic.

As you can tell, the price of Black Hat SEO is quality. Quality is the key to getting business (especially long-term). If your business presents itself through low quality content, potential client will be repelled away.

After all, no one would want to buy from a business that ignores its social image.

Thus, a huge part of penalty recovery services is sharpening your website’s quality. This may include anything from researching new keywords, to completely rewriting certain webpages.

You may even have to drop a lot of the backlink sources you used for your website.

But it’s all worth it in the end. Your website won’t be penalized, and the quality will attract clients.

Penalty Recovery Services Aren’t Offered By Many Advertising Services.

A lot of online advertisers do not offer penalty recovery services. This is generally a sign of a low quality advertiser.

Offering penalty recovery services is a sign of a genuine service. It shows that the advertiser can establish businesses an online presence without use of shady tactics.

Additionally, it also shows that the service provider is an expert in their field.

Understanding the development of penalty systems of search engines takes time. Search engine modifications and penalties are updated on multi-month and sometimes a yearly basis. Thus, you need to have years of experience in SEO and online optimization to recover a penalized website.

The long-term experience also means that Kwik Advertising can provide you consultation on effective SEO hacks to get a ranking boost. We can actually show you techniques that aren’t considered Black Hat, which may skyrocket your rankings.

You can order the service at any time. If it’s not to recover your penalized website, then it is at least to clean it up from horrible SEO techniques.

Those are all advantages you’ll receive with Kwik Advertising. Contact us now at