Terms and condition

Client Responsibility and Copyright Considerations.

Client will supply Contractor with all text, documents, photos and other necessary materials, if applicable to the project, including but not limited to records pertaining to website traffic, for performance of agreed upon services. Client affirms that he/she is the full copyright owner of such materials, or that he/she has obtained proper permission from the copyright owner(s) for use of such materials. Client will indemnify Contractor and hold Contractor harmless against any claims of libel, copyright, or trademark infringement brought against Contractor with respect to use of those materials.

Issues of confidentiality, client relationships, and discussion regarding propriety products, services, or relationships, in addition to documents created as part of this consulting relationship, are the property of Kwik Advertising.

Time Considerations.

Client understands that he may not hold Contractor responsible for failure if client fails to provide necessary materials, text, FTP login information, username and password information etc.
Schedule & Fees

In consideration and for compensation of Contractor’s performance of these services, Client agrees to pay The Contractor the mutually agreed upon price to be performed on behalf of Client to be paid in full prior to commencement of services, either by company or personal check, cashier check , cash or credit card.

Dispute Policy :

All disputes with Kwik Advertising are to be handled professionally with Kwik Advertising directly. This prohibits the post of negative reviews of any kind on any review sites or social media sites. The Client is prohibited from reaching out to other Kwik Advertising Clients in any way and providing negative review about Kwik Advertising.

Termination Provisions

Either Client or Contractor may, either individually or by mutual agreement , terminate their working relationship by giving with 30 days written notice to the other party.
Client and Contractor are in agreement that circumstances or conditions sometimes arise that warrant or necessitate termination of the Client- Contractor working relationship. In view of this possibility, both Client and Contractor agree that should the relationship terminate, it will be done so in an amicable fashion, maintaining an attitude of cooperation and professional demeanor, with respect for the reputation and dignity of the other party.

If notice of termination is given by either Client or Contractor, no new work shall be initiated, but any work previously authorized by Client up to the point of receipt by Contractor or Client of termination notice shall be completed, and Client agrees to be responsible for prompt payment for such services to Contractor based upon the mutually agreed upon hourly fee and or monthly fee. These same terms will apply in the event that either Client or Contractor should initiate termination.

Legal Venue.

Any disputes arising from this Agreement will be litigated or arbitrated in ( Palm Beach County. Florida ). This Agreement shall be governed in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida USA.
Authorization and Acceptance

Your signature along with receipt of payment constitutes acceptance of services and that you have read and understand this proposal for the sole purpose of Professional Digital Marketing Campaign & Search Engine Optimization Services to be performed for the Client’s site known as and that upon receipt of payment work should commence immediately.